Hello.This is  bimbofication site where you can see process of molding absolutely Bimbo from girl-next-door Vanessa.

Vanessa was interested in glamour  since her 18. Tonns of glance magazines, beauty sites and blogs, overfulled wardrobe... 

Young bimbo was making her first steps to barbiland...  Heels became higher, skirts - shorter, tops - tighter. Dating and models sites. Experienced guys. This point she got her bimbofication offer.

Bimbofication offer was: do-what-your-trainer-told, focus on healthy lifestyle and beauty procedures and get personal website, shooting trips and "dolce vita".

Look down the list of steps Vanessa has done on her sexydoll  way. You as a member can see her voyage in details and even suggest new courses. We know - always there are things to do with pretty girl! ) 

BODY TRANSFORMATIONS DONE: Blonding. Blonding roots (every week). Gel nails (correction every week). Falce eyelashes (every 3 weeks). Lips augmentation. Nose plastic surgery. Navel piercing. Nose piercing.  Multy piercing for one ear. Tooth whitening. Hair extension. Eyebrowns correction. Constant gym training to round ass. Hard diet for ideal waist.

CLOTHES. Only tight clothes and high heels. Heels minimal heigh is 10 cм as standart footwear. Summer - miniskirts and dresses with nipple tops, cameltoe leggins. Winter - overknee boots, leggings, extra tight sweaters showing navel piercing, hats with huge pompons, short jackets. Partyes - vynill, latex, chockers, collars, huge earrings, lots of fake jeverly.

ACTIONS. Dressage every day. Anal jeverly. Daily masturbation. Sex min. 3 times a week. Every week photoshoots in different janres and looks. Shooting trips all over globe. Drinking hard on partyes. Sitiing dating sites, tinder and meeting with guys. Everyday posting photos to instagram and model sites.

We know - always there are things to do with pretty girl such as Bimbo Vanessa!